Ukrainian T-Shirt


Buy this funky tee for £14.99 (incl. vat and delivery) and up to £7.50 goes to help the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainians already here safely in the UK are helping to sell and pack the shirt which comes in its own individual wrapper and in a variety of sizes.

Where the Russian “Z” has become a pro war emblem for invasion and destruction, “Y” is Ukraine’s symbol for peace and hope. WhY have a war? WhY invade Ukraine?

Wearing your tee not only makes a statement for peace in a quiet, supportive, understated way, you also sport  a modern tee to wear casually, on the beach, at a match, an event, etc.

Here’s what some of our Ukrainian friends have to say:

“We are so pleased with the reception that the British people have given us. Thank you.” Olga from Kyiv.

“We are delighted to help by supporting this fund raising effort for our people.”

Nadia, Ukraine.

“The British have been so kind to help us so thank you for all your support.”

Natalya from Lviv.

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