What’sInStore is a unique app (iOS, Android) and website designed to help retailers of all sizes to drive sales and create more effective discounting and sales strategies.

With What’sInStore’s analytics capabilities, retailers can easily see who is looking for discounts on their products and promote their offers directly to an already engaged and interested audience.

The ability to see what their customers are looking for before they create and promote various offers can be a critical competitive advantage for both retailers and manufacturers. It improves discounting and sales strategies, increases reach and visibility within a wide, engaged pool of customers and drives footfall to specific shops.

With What’sInStore’s unique way of reaching shoppers, advanced filters, dynamic maps and powerful real-time reporting, retailers can enhance customer experience and drive sales both online and in store.

Paul Mustoe, CEO, What’sInStore, comments:

“What’sInStore is a powerful platform for both local stores and massive shopping chains. Both business models can take advantage of our analytics and reports to cut guesswork and improve their sales strategies based on accurate, concrete information. In a highly competitive arena, What’sInStore enables retailers to raise competitiveness, build loyalty, and increase profit and sales.”

For time-strapped retailers that don’t have the resources to upload their offers but still want an exceptionally targeted solution for informing shoppers about their latest deals, What’sInStore offers a fully managed service.

Give it a try today or get in touch for a free demo!

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