​What’sInStore offers benefits to retailers of all types, one of which is wholesalers.

This can be seen in our recent coverage in Better Wholesaling where we go on to explain how we’re driving wholesale growth through our analytics. Better Wholesaling is trusted by the industry and provides advice to the foodservice, cash and carry, and delivered sectors.

Aidan Cartwright, our Co-Founder, explained:

“What’sInStore benefits the entire retail distribution chain. Wholesalers can use our reporting to see what discounted products or categories are trending locally and the sales volume of those discounts. They can then adapt their own sales strategies to service this demand or use the insight to influence what they put on promotion themselves.”

What’sInStore’s free app and website sends shoppers personalised offers and discounts from their favourite retailers and brands right to their phone or inbox. It’s the only app in the world that enables consumers to control the offers they receive. As a wholesaler, you can use its reporting to see what discounted products or categories are trending locally.

Are you a wholesaler? What’sInStore could be your next powerful sales tool. Uncover analytics that will help you create effective discounting strategies that will drive more sales. Test it out for yourself - sign up here.

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